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... En finsk serietecknare och -översättare önskar er välkomna.
... Un dessinateur et traducteur BD finlandais vous souhaite bienvenus.
... A Finnish cartoonist and comics translator wishes you welcome.

maanantai 2. syyskuuta 2013

Lopettamattomat sarjakuvat - Unfinished comics

Kun näitä näkyy olevan jonkin verran varastossa, niin puran  jotain tänne. Olisipa nopean kirjoittamisen lahja, ja puhtaaksipiirtämisen taito.

As these seem to be stockpiling otherwise, I'll just unload some here. If only I had the talent of fast writing, and the skill to ink neatly.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful pencils as always, Anssi!
    I got one of these:
    Which I use together with this:
    Helps to have the 'undo'-function around for inking :)

  2. Thanks, Karstein.

    I still like to ink with ink, when I work on comics. For quick (and commercial) splashes of ink&paint, I do have the old Photoshop and a Wacom in use. So far, I've bought a couple of new stylii (styluses?)... I tend to push somewhat when drawing, the point will break down in about three years.